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Spring In The Boatyard

The kickoff of summer in the boatyard is the busiest time of the year and also one of the most invigorating.

At C.W. Hood Yachts in Marblehead there is activity going on at many levels. We not only have the launch of our new Hood 35 LM coming up in Thomaston, Maine this month, but here in Marblehead we are not only continuing to build new boats, but we are also finishing up winter refits and refurbishments, as well as cleaning, polishing and rigging both daysailers and power boats for launch.

With some of our customers hailing from Marblehead, others come from the many ports around the East Coast, Canada, the Midwest, the Chesapeake Bay and farther afield. Those who choose to store their boats here in Marblehead are now anticipating the arrival by truck or trailer for a launch in their home waters. We are pleased to say that while spring is one of the busiest times of year, it is also one of the most satisfying to know so many of our boats are headed for a splash down. Although we have been in the maritime industry for our entire lives, we never get tired of the excitement of watching a boat lowered into the water.

C.W. Hood Yachts will be making the trip to Thomaston Maine to be a part of the formal launch of the first Hood 35 LM named "Shadow." A traditional boat launch for a new boat is always an occasion. It is always preceded by a christening and a few speeches. The launch of a new boat is an event we are always proud to be a part of it.

In the case of the Hood 35 LM “Shadow”, not only will she be intriguing to behold but she will include many "first ever" systems, according to Chris Hood.

​"Shadow" will be the first pleasure vessel in the USA to be equipped with Hamilton's brand new HJX29 jets. More efficient, more powerful with military grade controls coupled to twin Yanmar 480's, she will reach speeds of 40 knots," Hood says. He notes that the Hood 35 LM will also be the first to utilize Raymarine's new Digital Switching System "YachtSense" for a New England built boat. Additionally, "Shadow" will be the "first pleasure vessel to be equipped for autonomous running with the state-of-the-art Sea Machines system.

The season ahead looks promising. We are busy but that is how it should be – it is springtime in the boatyard!

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