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Bringing a great idea to life is no small task. Once Chris Hood’s idea sparks a new direction to take a vessel, he and our design team put into action a plan for creating a classic, functional and personal beauty that speaks volumes of the owner’s tastes and requirements.

Chris Hood has been designing since his youth and knows the importance of what drives the emotional process to create a boat that defines it’s character. The design team works together with the client to ensure each desire and every detail is met. There is nothing more satisfying than knowing our client has a custom boat that reflects their personality as well as the C.W. Hood quality.

full service design

Our design team has the experience to implement changes to your boat whether it be adding a galley or changing the keel size, we will work with you to implement the changes that will make your new vessel a boat to fit your lifestyle.

Find a boat that is just what you’ve always wanted but needs a new head, galley or just some updating? Our service team is here to help bring your ideas to life and fulfill your needs.

Please feel free to contact our design office to discuss your ideas and options. Click here to email our designer.

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