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A few of the restoration projects we have worked on over the past couple of years. We enjoy seeing the progress and transformation of a boat getting a fresh uplift in cosmetic and mechanical work.

Our most recent restoration projects  (Winter 2020-21) included  "Timberline", "Blue Heaven" and "Better Together".


"TIMBERLINE" formally "ANTOINETTE" - This is the first Katama 30, hull #0. We built her for my use as a demo boat in 2001. She won high praise from all the top yachting magazines at the time and was the talk at boat shows from Newport to Palm Beach that year. 

Over the years she has had caring and not so caring owners. Her new owner found her for sale in Rhode Island with the goal of bringing her back to life. The owner asked if I thought she was a worthy candidate. I said yes, she is dear to my heart as I spent many a late night working to develop and build her in the Gdansk shipyard in Poland.


We started by chasing some electrical gremlins and giving her a thorough cleaning and degreasing, remove the engine and vital jet parts, batteries, etc. We stripped all the brightwork and recoated with 12 or more coats, buffed and compounded deck areas, repaired topsides, and polished (they look like new). Rebedded rails and deck hardware after 20 years of weathering. As we worked through the existing engine issues, it became apparent a rebuild from Yanmar was in order but looking at the cost to rebuild a 20 year old motor versus a new, up-to-date common rail made the most sense. With the new engine the owner can benefit from a smooth running, quieter, cleaner burning diesel with all the latest bits of information available right on the Garmin GPS screen. We are looking forward to receiving the engine late March early April and finish her up for her new family in Marblehead.

blue heaven looking spiffy.jpg


"BLUE HEAVEN" formally "TEGO" - is hull #12 of the Wasque 26 we have built. She originally lived in Sconset on Nantucket and now we have the pleasure of her and her new owners playing in Marblehead waters.

The new owners too delivery last summer and did exactly what they should do: use the boat and find out what works and what doesn't work for them. Put a list together for the Fall and set us to work on her.


On our list were a number of small, little issues as well as some big items like strip and redo of all brightwork and lay on 12 or more coats of gloss varnish. Fair and Awlgrip topsides in a new color, "Robin" blue. Her new name, "BLUE HEAVEN" is perfect.


Is a 1977 Wasque 33 that we built using a Jarvis Newman hull and deck. This is a very pretty soft top that rides beautifully through the water. The really interesting thing about this design is there is no bridge deck or engine box. The engine resides under the sole and you have a giant one level cockpit.

At the time of the build the only big horsepower diesel that would fit was the GM 300 HP and the boat did not have the most impressive speeds. The present owner a fellow Marbleheader, wondered aloud if it was time for a new engine. Although the GM was running well, the owner anticipates opening up his family's cruising range so reliable power was a priority. Having a bit more cruising speed wouldn't hurt either. "Better Together" is receiving a new Yanmar 400 HP common rail diesel for install.

better together ready for new engine.jpg


Mechanically Fit for Duty

Today is a big day. C.W. Hood has had the pleasure of working on "WITCHCRAFT" for our 3rd winter season. "WITCHCRAFT" is the pride and joy of Marbleheader Bruce "Biff" Michaud. Biff is easy to work for. He wants perfection and our team delivers. When he says he wants it tidy, straight and military, he should know! His father was of the greatest generation, a PT boat fleet commander stationed in the Pacific.


Year one with "WITCHCRAFT" was cosmetics, stripping and new varnish, new gel coat surfaces, teak deck restoration, etc., etc.


Year two was more cosmetics and a new custom teak helm and brand new Stamoid top, side curtain and back by my brother and sister-in-law, Mark and Deb Hood of Hood Marine Canvas.

Year three, this year, was to be a simple year of basic cleaning, detailing, bottom paint etc., or so we thought. Biff was lucky enough to win the "engine service lottery" with Guy Crudele of Crudele Marine, Gloucester, MA. Guy said he would meet Biff and I on an August Sunday morning where we came up with a plan for engine service. Big time score! Upon the October haul out, Guy and I determined it would be efficient to remove the engines so Crudele could tear them down at his shop, do the necessary machining, sand blast and paint, etc. As things go it's never easy. Guy's work turned out to be full rebuilds, new turbos, rebuilt transmissions, mounts, etc., etc., etc.

Meanwhile, back at the Hood ranch, we had H&H Propeller of Salem, MA make new shafts, couplings, rebuild drivesavers and tuned props.


Looking down into the hole that was his engine room, Biff remarked wouldn't it be a good time to review what we typically can't get to? I said yes, it would. WE both know what was about to happen, mission creep... Out came the pumps, compressors, blowers, generator, Reverso fuel polishing, strainers, water heater. All were replaced, shiny new and coated with corrosion protectant.


The mufflers were original and Guy recommended two new Soundown units, the best in the business, right here in nearby Salem, MA.


Last but not least, the old Grunert refrigerator/freezer unit compressors were removed, all old air conditioning, etc. Those were all way behind the engines and very tough to get to. This was the time for Tom from Marine Refrigeration and Air Conditioning in New Hampshire to install brand new Sea Frost DC refrigerator and freezer systems as well as Dometic air conditioning. Then the engine space was painted out, cleaned and detailed.


Today, Marblehead Trading Company will move her out of our shop and the sparkling almost new engines will be installed and lined up. Over the next week we will put the finishing touches on "WITCHCRAFT" and she will be ready for the 2020 season of cruising.

All of us above thank Biff for his support and trust in our collective marine business. I have listed the best of the best above and I consider it a real pleasure to be able to work with such professionals.

Undertakings like this are expensive no doubt, yes you can bang out the work quicker at a lower budget and with inferior products, but the job will never be done. Rework and warranty will cost us and the owner more valuable time, aggravation and loss of use. Do it right the first time, send the owners on their merry way to a great season of boating, as we move on to our next gratifying project.

Caps off to my crew for their top-notch job.


The fully restored and refurbished “Penguin” on launch day at Little Harbor, 2014.

The restoration of 1983 Wasque 32 “Penguin” was completed in 2014 as a

two-phase project. In Phase 1, the exterior was restored including all new teak, a new fiberglass molded helm console with a teak top and all new engine instruments. A functional and beautiful custom aft bench seat with storage was added to the cockpit. Phase 2 includes  a full remodeling of the interior including a larger head, complete galley, more comfortable seating and full finished woodwork throughout. The restoration of Penquin was complete in 2014 and is being thoroughly enjoyed by its current family.


“Old Fashioned” is a 1959 Goudy and Stevens Flybridge Cruiser, a beautiful fixture in Marblehead Harbor from about 1973. Owned by a wonderful doctor who cherished the boat and kept her tip top for many years. In the early 2000’s he treated her to a full rebuild. Many new planks,frames, stringers, clamps, shelves, bulkheads, new deck beams, halfbearers, decks, brand new teak house, toe rails, flybridge, wiring, plumbing, tanks, steering and a new Yanmar 350 diesel. She was virtually a new boat!

Unfortunately, the good doctor was only to enjoy her in her new grandeur for a short period of time before his passing. “Diversion” was without her friend and caretaker and sat some years on the hard at the old Little Harbor Boatyard in Marblehead. During this time her varnish and paint deteriorated, bilges filled 

and emptied depending on the weather; planking dried out and the usual New England winters made their way into all the areas that we as boatbuilders try to keep them out of!

Turn the page to 2014 – A new owner takes over. Marblehead trading company moves her to our yard. We removed the engine and old Python drive system, shaft, rudder and gear for rebuild and paint and rust treatment. we cleaned the bilges and interior, stripped all surfaces, topsides, bottom, decks, house, cockpit sole, etc. Varnish, build and prime all surfaces. Removed and re-bed all hardware, replace a couple of planks and a stern bit. Rebuilt the flybridge and prepared her to be launched that Fall so she could spend the winter at Pickering Wharf, giving her planks a much needed soaking. She fared well through that harsh winter of 2104-15 and was hauled in May 2015.During this time, the final coats of varnish were applied , topsides were finished off in a Slate Blue; white boot and a beautiful varnished mahogany transom. She was given a new name and hail, “Old Fashioned”, by none other than Carol MacRae.

The engine and shaft were installed, final hook ups, swelling and sea trialed in time for the owner to take an August cruise with his son. Headed South through the canal to various spots in Buzzard Bay, through New York, New Jersey and to her new home in Oxford, Maryland.