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Simply beautiful, Superbly engineered. There is nothing quite like the Wasque 26 Classic. Her timeless lines and remarkably smooth ride will captivate your soul. As much a traditional bass boat as she is a modern runabout, the Wasque 26 Classic is well equipped for a variety of pursuits. Be it dayboating with the family or escaping for a secluded weekend adventure, you’ll find this little ‘pocket yacht’ has everything you might need.


What exactly is a “Wasque”? And better yet, how in the world do you pronounce it? It’s way-skwee. And, unless you’re a descendant of the Algonquin tribe, don’t feel bad if you didn’t know that.

The word “Wasque” is actually a derivative of the Algonquin word “wannasque”, meaning “the ending”. This name was given to a piece of land on the southeast corner of Martha’s Vineyard, where the Algonquin people would spend their summers. Wasque Point is now a protected property managed by The Trustees of Reservations and open to visitors year round.

In the early 1970s, a group of fishermen were taken by the lines of a little bass boat they spotted working the waters along the Vineyard shore, and decided to start building the boat on a limited production basis. With that, Vineyard Yachts was opened for business and, borrowing the name of what had become a popular fishing spot, the first Wasque 26 was introduced to the boating public. She quickly gained notoriety for both her gorgeous lines and impressive seaworthiness. A yachting icon was born.

Though Vineyard Yachts has long sinced closed its doors, the Wasque lineage still lives on. Aside from advancements in design and engineering, our Wasque 26 Classic is an exact copy of the original. The same classic lines that first stirred those fishermens’ souls remain perfectly intact. For a design as timeless as a Wasque, “the ending” never seems to be in sight.

Every boat is crafted by hand, one at a time. Her incredibly smooth 6-cylinder Yanmar diesel achieves an easy 20-knot cruise, burning a mere 8 gallons per hour. Careful attention to noise and vibration yields a pleasantly quiet, relaxing environment. Let the Wasque 26 Classic take you away.

Send us an email or give our office a call at 781.631.0192 to learn more about this yacht.

The Wasque 26 "Elan II", featured in the movie The Proposal

(2009, Touchstone Pictures)

“The owners of these proud little yachts must value them highly, as I could find only one to be had: Wasque 26 #01 was available from the builder, Chris Hood, of C.W. Hood Yachts. I was quite pleased to find that she exceeded my every expectation.”
– Don Greenawalt, Owner, Wasque 26 “Quirk”

“I’ve been a fan of Hood’s boats ever since I discovered a pretty little picnic-style day cruiser in the yard where I wintered my sailboat… a dark blue hull with pleasing bass boat lines…practical, seaworthy and elegant… she was a Wasque 26, built by C.W. Hood Yachts.”
– Betsy Frawley Haggerty, Editor, Offshore

“We are delighted with the great job Chris [Hood] and his crew have done. [The Wasque’s] timeless design and excellent seakeeping abilities have been justly rewarded.”
– David Thomson, President, Vineyard Yachts


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