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Offline error in Epson printer occurs when there is a network connectivity issue or your printer isn't chosen because the default device. Most users keep asking why is my printer offline Epson and thus the rationale as we said could also be a network connectivity problem, Epson printer not chosen as a default device, your printer is claimed to print offline, Epson isn't updated to the most recent version and there could be some pending print jobs in print queues. You’ll eliminate of those troubles using some simple fixes. Firstly, you need to always confirm that your Epson is updated to the most recent version and for that attend the Epson support website, download and install the most recent printer driver. Also, attend the printers and devices section on your computer, right-click on the Epson printer icon and click on on use printer online. confirm that your printer is chosen as a default device under the printers and devices section.


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