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The Procedure for Obtaining Admission to the Defense of a Ph.D. Thesis

Writing a PhD thesis is a long and difficult process. The graduate student will have to perform the first voluminous, full-scale research with a deep immersion in the topic. In order to obtain admission to the defense of research, it is important not only to correctly and efficiently complete it, but also to comply with a number of requirements.

What is required to obtain a security clearance?

No one canceled bureaucratic procedures. In order for the applicant to be admitted to the defense, the following package of documents must be submitted:


This document is filled in according to the form approved by the Ministry of Education and Science or the university, signed by the applicant and submitted to the department of the educational institution;

Copies of educational documents

Only those who have a higher education not lower than a master's degree can defend a candidate's thesis. To do this, you must provide a copy of the diploma of education. It should be certified by a notary or an educational institution;

Candidate test certificates

This stage is mandatory for applicants for the PhD degree. It involves passing exams in three subjects (English, philosophy and profile). If the research topic does not coincide with the chosen specialty or scientific field, then the graduate student must pass an additional exam.

Based on the results of passing the tests, he will receive a certificate confirming the fact of successfully passing this stage. If this document was not received by the applicant, then he will not be able to obtain admission to the defense of the dissertation. All copies of documents must be certified by the university or a notary.

Ready-made paper version of the dissertation and abstract

It is important that the work undergoes total quality control: errors, percentage of borrowing, plagiarism, design. The abstract is a "mini-dissertation", a compressed version of the finished work, therefore, contradictions in these documents are unacceptable. The dissertation research and abstract should also be submitted to the department in an electronic version. The university may set specific requirements for the file format (text document, pdf file, etc.).

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