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Essay writing is a skill. You may have all the knowledge in the world, but it is quite possible to mess up when you put it in an essay. The same is true in all areas of life. The interview goes to the person with the best interviewing skills instead of the best job skills, and the person promoted is often the one with the best people skills over the best worker. Use these tips written by the best essay writing service reddit to hone your essay writing skills and get the grade you deserve.

Do your research beforehand?

The idea of researching during your essay only applies if you have done the bulk of the research beforehand. Prior to starting your essay, you should come up with a big batch of research notes to help you.

Plan your essay

It is vitally important that you have a planned structure in place before you start. List all the points you want to make, and add notes for where you can further research each point. Split your essay into modules so you can concentrate on one bit at a time.

Start your essay right away

You should start your essay the same day you get it because you will put it off otherwise. You should also dedicate a bit of time to it every day or two. Do this routinely so that you end up spending more time on your essay than you realize. The more time you spend on it then the better it will become.

Mini conclude after every paragraph

After each paragraph, you should add a line in red. This line is a mini conclusion for that paragraph. You should delete it later, but it is very useful when creating your conclusion and proofreading your essay.

Concluding your essay

When you conclude you should look at all the red lines. They tell you a mini conclusion to each paragraph. This helps you include every relevant point in your conclusion. It also helps to remind you of the points you made in your essay so that nothing is missed

Proofreading your essay for flow

You can use the red mini-conclusions to check the flow, consistency and weight of your essay. If there are a lot of mini conclusions on just one issue, then it may indicate your essay is not very balanced. If the same mini conclusion appears in lots of different places then this may be okay if it relates to your essay, or it may show that your essay has a disjointed flow about it.

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